The SeniorDevlopment Chef at Bakkovor Salads has been educating students  with culinary and cooking sessions within Spalding as part of the GEM kids project.  Bakkavor are proud sponsors of GEM kids for the forthcoming academic year.

Would like us to visit your school? Then get in touch and we shall see what we can do! The project has been kindly funded in the past through donation from the Spalding Masons and Spalding Round Table, so participation is free for each child :-)


Here are some photos from our latest visits to St John's featuring Alison White from SHDC and Paul Robinson from Bakkavor....





Previous Activity Log


Healthy Italian meatballs, served with salad and fresh bread. Ivan took the group through the main ingredients, and how to make the meatballs. He then talked with the group about salad and different easy to make salad dressings to spruce up the salad. Amazingly several of the children started to eat the salad which had a dressing on it! All went home with their meatballs in a tomato sauce dish that they had lovingly prepared. 

The following cooking session was also with Ivan (he loved coming in soooo much!!). This week he prepared a healthy version of a chicken goujon panini with lightly fried courgette chips and a mixed tomato salad. 

Katie Booth, from OK Catering, kindly visited the group for the third and final cooking session before the Christmas break. In keeping with the time of year, Katie had the children making from scratch healthy mince pies and shortbread biscuits. Knowing what ingredients are involved in making these types of dishes is a really important part of understanding what makes up the food we eat. Discussions were had around the level of sugar in a lot of shop-bought products - an ingredient we don't need as much of! 

Nikki continues to amuse the group with a wide range of exercise and movement activities in between the cooking sessions, keeping the group on their toes and learning a range of different types of exercise, and how you can keep on exercising at home! 

Sam Hetherington, Development Chef at Bakkavor, has been in to visit the group, and has put together some fantastic fruit pizzas - one using a watermelon base, and another with a sugar-free flan base. I've never seen so much fruit consumed by children!!!

More exercise sessions were in store for the group - unfortunately the weather stopped any outdoor activities, but they managed to burn a good number of calories inside trying out a range of activities. 

The final session culminated in Sam Hetherington returning for a Wraps and Pancake session. The group were very inventive with their wraps, learning about the history of the wrap, how many Bakkavor make a year, and how to roll their own one up! Pancakes with natural yoghurt, honey and plenty of fruit finished off the session! 





 They are really keen to show off what they do, and help the group understand more about the foods they produce across their sites locally, and which shops it goes to! 


A big thank you must go to our partners in this project: