Reminiscence TV & Film club is a new project funded through a successful bid from Manage Care Network (MCN) Funding.

It will meet on a fortnightly basis, on a Friday afternoon from 1.30 - 3.30 pm, the club will meet and watch films and tv programmes from 'back in the day' in a relaxed, soft lit environment on a big screen, but without being too loud.  A program of listings will be available in advance for every month and tickets will include refreshments, the film and an opportuntiy to talk about the film and discuss with others afterwards.  

Tickets will be priced £5 per person per showing and available from Tonic Health.

If you are able to volunteer with this project, or any of the other projects run at Tonic Health,  by either providing meet and greet, serving refreshments or helping with project leads, contact us on 01775 725059.