Welcome to the SHARE Timebanking web page


What is Timebanking? 

Timebanking is a means of exchange used to organise people and organisations around a purpose, where time is the principal currency.  For every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. In each case the participant decides what they can offer. Everyone’s time is equal, so one hour of my time is equal to one hour of your time, irrespective of whatever we choose to exchange. Because timebanks are just systems of exchange, they can be used in an almost endless variety of settings.

Timebanking builds social networks of people who give and receive support from each other, enabling people from different backgrounds, who may not otherwise meet, to come together and form connections and friendships. Generating social capital in this way can be an important determinant of health, wellbeing and resilience, all of which can prevent needs arising. Examples include ensuring older people receive nutritional food and are able to eat regularly, and providing a ‘circle of support’ for young people in keeping them out of trouble.
In addition, this is a highly effective community development tool, empowering individuals and groups to bring about change, make choices and take control of their own lives and neighbourhoods.


Who can take part? 

Anyone over the age of 16. We ask people or groups under the age of 16 to get in touch with us before applying to become a member, as there are various insurance matters we need to go through. 

How do I join? 

Members will complete a membership application form and a skills and need questionnaire. This will ask them to list all the things they may need help with, alongside listing all the things they could do to help someone else in exchange. Simply complete the form and return to us by email to: sharespalding@timebanking.org or via the post to SHARE South Holland, 6 Broadgate House, Westlode Street, Spalding. Lincs. PE11 2AF. We shall do the necessaries and get in touch with you when your application has been processed (up to a week, but hopefully much quicker!). 

The SHARE Time Bank would like to enable all members of the community to take part in and benefit from the Time Bank. To ensure that everybody can do so safely, the Time Bank Co-ordinator will seek two references for each new member, and if necessary request an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service. 

Is there a cost? 

NO! It is free to join :-) 

Then what happens? 

You will be given a log in code for the Timebanking website - and more specifically for the Time and Talents section (in the top right of the page). Look for SHARE Spalding or SHARE Holbeach and enter your log in details. This will take you to the main page listing all member's requests and offers. 


Who do I get in touch with if I need some help? 


SHARE South Holland is an umbrella name for individual Timebanks in the South Holland area. 


SHARE Spalding:


01775 725059

SHARE Holbeach


07719 189528




"South Holland District Council is proud to support this exciting new project"