Elevenses and Excitement at Tonic Health This February!

February at Tonic Health heralds a twist on tradition with the introduction of “elevenses” – not the hobbit’s third meal of the day, but a delightful British morning tea concept, all set to charm your taste buds. This month, we’re inviting you to shake up your routine and enjoy a mid-morning spread that promises both comfort and a touch of novelty.

Our trial run witnessed an array of satisfied smiles and enthusiastic feedback that nudged us to bring this special offering to the fore. Theresa and the team, bolstered by the rave reviews, are thrilled to officially roll out the “elevenses” for the entire month. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this limited-time treat!

A Plea for Your Support: Your Nomination Could Be Our Victory

We’re reaching out with a heartfelt request for your support. Tonic Health is in the running for a £1,000 grant from the Movement For Good, and every nomination counts! By visiting movementforgood.com, you can nominate Tonic Health and bolster our chances to win this vital funding. Each nomination enhances our potential to be chosen for the grant, which would significantly benefit our health charity’s initiatives.

Don’t forget to spread the word among your circle – your voice is powerful, and a simple share could lead to a win for community health. We’re counting on your kindness!

In This February’s Newsletter

  • Special Guest: We had the honour of hosting Peter Shilton CBE at Tonic Health.
  • Wheels for Life: Rolling out new initiatives for better mobility and accessibility.
  • Warm Spaces: Our commitment to providing a haven during the cold months continues.
  • Cookery Sessions: From beginners to seasoned chefs, our cookery sessions have been a hit.
  • Community Thanks: We express our deepest gratitude to all who support us.
  • 2023 Stats: A look back at the achievements and milestones of the past year.

Stay tuned to our channels for updates, stories, and more. Our newsletter is just the start – visit us at www.tonic-health.co.uk to explore all that we’re up to at Tonic Health. Here’s to a February filled with health, heart, and a dash of heritage!

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