What a roar-some month we’ve had!

This month’s edition is bursting with colourful stories, community spirit, and the playful antics of Roary the Dinosaur.

On the eye-catching front cover, you’ll find Roary taking over Carter’s Park, joined by Jo and Sam, as they brought smiles and laughter to Holbeach. It’s not just about fun and games; the trio also embarked on a leaflet drop, engaging local businesses and spreading the word about the new initiatives at Holbeach Hub and the Wellbeing Support on offer. This playful cover story encapsulates the spirit of community engagement and the quirky ways Tonic Health brings joy and health awareness to the residents of South Lincolnshire.

As you flip through the pages, get ready for more than just dinosaur adventures. The newsletter highlights the outstanding contributions of Bridge Farm to the Movement 4Memory group, enhancing the lives of many through horticultural therapy. Beautiful photographs showcase community members creating their own planters, a testament to the power of gardening in fostering mental well-being and social connections.

Join us in celebrating the successes of our community, and stay tuned for more dinosaur-sized adventures and heartwarming community initiatives. Whether you’re a local resident or a friend of the community, Tonic Health’s May 2024 Newsletter is your gateway to staying connected and uplifted.

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